The Best Qualities of a Land Cruiser Prado

The world is embracing new technologies and with that car manufacturing companies like Toyota are keenly observing new ways of manufacturing; they are building new plants and spending loads of cash on research and development to find new ways of building the best automobiles that would be on top in the industry and investing for the future demands. In addition these companies are employing highly competent and multi-skilled personnel to help in realizing their objectives for the century.

A Land Cruiser Prado is manufactured by Toyota Company from Japan, which makes their vehicles to meet their customer’s needs and expectations, some of the specifications are not found in other regions but they have made it possible for you as a buyer to get adequate information through dealers who are based in every continent of this globe. Information about this vehicle can be found through the company website and also auto shows and magazines. The Land cruisers are modeled to fulfill the roadworthy requirements as their put customer’s safety and security first.

Having a car as great as a Land cruiser Prado is an exciting adventure to the owner and the reason why they are on high demands is because of their high qualities that make the stand out as the best sports utility vehicle. I hereby outline why Prado’s have the best qualities among the Sports utility vehicles.

• Toyota has adopted new advanced technology and innovation in producing the best quality vehicles for instance the 2010 Land Cruiser Prado is restructured to exude masculinity and its features shows a sense of control and authority on the road.

• Prado is manufactured with great creativity and comfort that brings excitement to its occupants. It is also spacious for the driver and the other occupants giving them enough freedom to relax and very magnificent.

• It is designed to suit the current fashion status of its owners and it has a contemporary look that suits the modern class and age.

• A Land Cruiser Prado exudes a sense of prestige, luxury, affluence and poshness. As a result of these qualities, its demand is so high in the market.

• In the Sports utility vehicles category, a Prado gives the other SUV’s like Land Rover Freelander2,Audi Q5 and BMW X3 the competition that they deserve, Its exterior features include fog lamps, headlamp cleaners, Four Wheel drive system that can pass through the terrains, Roof rack, mudguards just to names a few.

A Land Cruiser Prado is a fashion statement and any owner is proud to possess it because its qualities match its performance on the road.

Project Khan’s LR2 with Land Rover Performance Kit

Kahn Design has recently shown their all-new project Khan Freelander 2 on their web site but for some unknown reasons the link was removed. Various speculations are coming out on why the link was removed and one of which is that maybe the vehicle was supposed to be held secret until after the Detroit Auto Show. Another reason that is being looked into is the fact that the body kit showed on the link is actually from the Land Rover factory performance parts catalog.

Land Rover has not made any official statement regarding the new Land Rover Freelander 2 but the Rover shown by Khan Design might be the rumored LR2 Sport. But of course we will know that for sure after the Detroit Auto Show.

The project Khan Freelander 2 adds 20″ RS-C alloy (or chrome) rims and a few changes on the exterior as well as the interior features. The interior is provided with leather seats, word steering wheels, revised trim (with some optional high gloss grand Black Lacquer Finish) and of course it will not be complete without its in-car video entertainment system.

Khan Design’s Freelander 2 also uses the new Land Rover Freelander 2 factory performance body kit which is not yet officially introduced yet by Land Rover but most UK dealers have them already in their showrooms and are being offered with the rest of high quality Rover Freelander parts.

Land Rover Freelander 2: Second Generation

Land Rover Freelander 2 has made its world debut at the 2006 British International Motor Show. It will be sold in Europe retaining its original Freelander nameplate but will be marketed as Land Rover 2 in North America. And following its official debut there was an exclusive presentation for journalists held at the Kensington Roof Gardens. There were also some celebrities present at the Roof Gardens.

The all new 2008 LR2 is going to be offered in the US for a base price of US$34,700.

The second generation Freelander was derived from the Ford EUCD platform which in turn was taken from the Ford C1 platform. The EUCD platform was also used on the new Ford Galaxy, Ford S-Max and for Volvo S80 and for other upcoming lines of Volvo and Ford vehicles. New engine range will also be offered for the Freelander featuring transversely mounted 3.2 I6 engine of the Volvo S16 series which has made its debut in the new Volvo S80. The 2.2 DW12 common rail turbodiesel engine was also co-developed by Ford and PSA is expected to be equipped on the Freelander.

The Land Rover Freelander 2 is also expected to be manufactured alongside the Jaguar X-Type at Halewood near Liverpool. And unlike previous Land Rovers the new Freelander will have features such as better ground clearance and greater off-road capabilities.

Land Rover Freelander 2 Lands SUV Award

What do awards and recognition do to vehicles and vehicle brands?

Well, these awards do not just gather dust in the shelf or cabinet of these vehicle manufacturers. Such means of recognition actually do serve as a good way of telling the vehicle manufacturers that they did a great job with the awarded vehicle or vehicle product like perhaps those parts for Land Rover Freelander. Aside from this, awards and various means of recognition also do tell consumers just what they can expect out of the vehicles.

For the Land Rover brand, they have just yet added another award to their growing number of awards, recognition, and accolades. And with this new award, Land Rover can sure expect quite a number of consumers clamoring for one of their much coveted vehicle units.

The Land Rover Freelander 2 actually soared and whooshed its way so as to be able to take on the lead as the recipient of the SUV of the Year award. This award is actually given out by the BBC Top Gear magazine and is actually part of the magazine’s annual celebrations where awards are given out. Jeremy Clarkson hosted this year’s event.

Despite being still new to the auto industry and the auto market, the Land Rover Freelander 2 has proven that it can be just as good (and even better) as those already grounded vehicles. If you do think about it, the vehicle has just been in the industry for just a short period of time. Imagine, the Land Rover Freelander 2 became public knowledge just earlier this year at the British International Motor Show which was held in London.

“We took the Freelander 2 to India for our awards photo shoot, and it was driven from Mumbai to Goa and back again in four days. It performed faultlessly, carrying the Top Gear team and a pile of photographic equipment through 2000 km of the busiest, roughest, and most dangerous roads on Earth,” says Michael Harvey, the editor of Top Gear magazine. Harvey even does add, “If you need to go on a road trip with a load of baggage and people, and want to do it comfortably, safely and in style, then in the compact SUV sector, the Freelander 2 is the only choice.”